We help homeowners sell or get out of trouble properties. Tap into a network of partners, agents, contractors, and attorneys (Stoney Cliffs Real Estate Group). This network provides people with access to all the facts. If you have a situation that requires a unique solution or if you are in need of assistance during foreclosure this is the smart and FREE way to learn your options.

♦ Stoney Cliffs Real Estate Group pays CASH
♦ Stoney Cliffs Real Estate Group pays all closing costs
Stoney Cliffs Real Estate Group buys houses/land as is
♦ No unreasonable home seller demands will be denied
♦ Fast closings. Move on!

ANY area. ANY condition. ANY situation.
Quick CASH & Close. Referral Bonus $$$$$ available.

Imagine Freedom from a House or Foreclosure?

Even qualified upside-down homeowners walk away free and clear with our cash for keys program. Learn about foreclosure options your lenders won't tell you about.

Free and confidential. Schedule your initial consultation


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